Delectable treats at Yangzhou summer night markets

Updated: Aug 15, 2018 Print

The scorching heat of the summer means daytime activities are kept to a minimum in Yangzhou. As the sun goes down, the city comes alive with its night markets opening and serving many different local delicacies.

Here is a rundown of four local specialties that are worth a try at the summer night markets.

Shaobo crayfish

Crayfish, especially Shaobo crayfish, is the must-try dish at Yangzhou night markets.

The crayfish is named after Shaobo Lake in the northern suburb of Yangzhou and is rarely seen outside Yangzhou because of how scarce it is.

Female Shaobo crayfish is the top choice for both restaurants and foodies, as the female ones usually have longer tails – the only edible part of the crayfish.

Yangzhou residents enjoy cooking crayfish with diversified seasonings, such as with garlic and spice, to satisfy the taste buds of all kinds of foodies.


Crayfish cooked in 12 different flavors such as garlic and spice can cater for different tastes. [Photo/Yangzhou Tourism Bureau]


Shaobo crayfish is the must-try dish at Yangzhou night markets. [Photo/Yangzhou Tourism Bureau]

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