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Nantong Chenghuang Miao

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Nantong Chenghuang Miao [Photo/]

Nantong Chenghuang Miao, or City God Temple, was built by Wang Mao, the prefecture magistrate in the second year of the Jianlong period of the Song Dynasty (961). As the most influential Taoist temple in Nantong, it was renovated and rebuilt over a period of a thousand years. Formerly located in the southeast side of the prefectural office in Shizi Street, it was reconstructed in the north of Haodong green garden.


Nantong Chenghuang Miao [Photo/]

Covering an area of nearly 6,666.67 square meters, it is a one-storey masonry-timber building complex of antique beauty. It has a rebuilt gate of ceremony, corridor, prayer hall, main hall, yuanchen hall, wealth God temple, and east and west aisles, all styled according to original samples, and a newly added main gate, stage, rear hall, Wenchang hall, hall of the king of medicine, wing-rooms and corridors.


Nantong Chenghuang Miao [Photo/]

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