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Nantong school of music and drama

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Founded by Zhang Jian in 1919, the Nantong school of music and drama was the first modern drama school of China. It specializes in Peking Opera in addition to offering Kunqu Opera, drama, dance and western music. The former site was listed as a cultural relic preservation site of Nantong. The protection and utilization project for the school started in 2010 and was completed in 2013, at which time the revitalized school was opened to the public.

Meanwhile, the Mei Lanfang Education Base was founded in collaboration with the Beijing Mei Lanfang Arts Foundation, where a variety of activities such as daily exhibitions, weekly performances, monthly seminars, quarterly lectures by famous figures and annual competitions are held to pass on Zhang Jian's drama reform initiative meant to improve social morality and cultivate cultural taste.

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