Policies and measures by Shenyang government to boost consumption and economic growth

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According to the “circular of Liaoning Provincial Government on issuing the implementation plan of Liaoning province for actively playing a leading role on new consumption and speeding up forming new supply and new power”, “opinions by the office of Liaoning Provincial Government on accelerating the development of the living service industry to promote the upgrading of consumption structure”,  Shenyang government has now proposed the following steps from the actual situation to further galvanize consumption, steady its economic growth and meet the consumer demands of citizens, which will help achieve sustainable economic development with healthy, efficient and coordinated growth.

Encourage the expansion of commercial circulation enterprises in other cities

Commercial circulation enterprises that register and pay their taxes in Shenyang will be awarded 100,000 yuan ($15,450) for every 10 million yuan increase in their total retail sales of social consumer goods coming from new branches in other cities, which should be counted as part of Shenyang’s figure. The bonus cap is 2 million yuan.

Support the introduction of large retail enterprises

Retail enterprises (including those transformed from branches) and industrial units newly introduced into Shenyang, will get a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan each time they create 50 million yuan growth of total retail sales of social consumer goods, with a ceiling of 5 million yuan.

Support the introduction of strong catering enterprises. 

Newly introduced catering corporations (including branches and "big individuals" that transform into independent accounting corporations), will get a one-time reward of 250,000 yuan for every 10 million yuan increase in total retail sales, up to a maximum of 1 million yuan.

Support the development of automobile enterprises

4S shops with annual retail sales surpassing 100 million yuan and achieving a year-on-year increase of 20 million yuan or more, are eligible for a one-time grant of 300,000 yuan; if the annual increase reaches 30 million yuan or more from the same period of last year, there will be another 200,000 yuan as one-off bonus.

Revitalize idle commercial facilities, especially those with investment of more than 30 million yuan, in key commercial blocks along the Golden Corridor, Zhongjie Street and Taiyuan Street. It is a crucial step in carrying out the second investment promotion and bringing in commercial circulation projects playing a leading role and also acting as a demonstration project, which should also conform with the development plan of the city and all districts.

Support construction of convenience stores

Convenience stores measuring more than 400 square meters will be built in old districts and communities with low population density. For investment in facilities and equipment, Shenyang government will offer 30% of the total in the form of a grant, up to a maximum of 2 million yuan.

Build online platforms to fuel consumption

Lessons from the experience of reconstructing domestic trade circulation system, will help traditional commercial enterprises perform fused development of online and offline consumption. We can utilize new technology to develop applications on mobile phones especially for expanding consumption, where enterprises have  access to publish business information and carry out marketing activities. 

Endeavor to create an atmosphere where consumption advances

We should vigorously hold promotion activities, impel merchants to extend business hours and set up characteristic blocks enriching cultural activities at night. In addition, more regional public transport services at night need to be extended; public security, fire protection and other security measures need improvement to facilitate public consumption. Also, it is necessary to establish links with the media, for issuing a price index of key commodities in Shenyang, as well as other government policies and information about sales promotion.

Hold exhibitions centering on the consumption hot spot

More than giving guidance to the enterprise planning of all kinds of exhibitions and launching professional consumption activities, Shenyang government will organize the enterprises noted for excellent products to participate in famous exhibitions and consumption-themed activities at home and abroad. We suggest marketing promotions for all kinds of consumer goods through innovation of the marketing model, thus enhancing the recognition and popularity of the consumer goods market.

Support the promotion of "Shenyang specialties"

We will provide awards for those sales and exhibition enterprises listed on the "Shenyang specialty"  project, in terms of area, input and sales of their special counters, exclusive stores and exhibition halls. 

Each shop shares a one-time award of no more than 200,000 yuan, as long as they set up a shop with a unified logo "Shenyang specialty" in the commercial outlets of large shopping malls, shopping centers, supermarket chains, airports, railway stations, hotels, and key tourist attractions in our city; if the company owns certain counters at several outlets, the total amount of the reward is 3 million yuan at most.

For those setting up a "Shenyang specialty" store of 100 square meters or more, the one-time reward is no more than 500,000 yuan, and a maximum of 5 million yuan for several special stores. The counterpart for each enterprise building public exhibition hall will be up to 1 million yuan at most.

Support the "Shenyang specialty" online project

We offer a one-time subsidy of 100,000 yuan, with a maximum of 2 million yuan for certain e-commerce companies registered in our city, every time they successfully cultivate a class of "Shenyang specialty" products with annual sales no less than 5 million yuan on their own e-commerce platforms. As for businesses running "Shenyang specialty hall" under unified operations and generating annual sales over 50 million yuan on Taobao,, Suning and other domestic top 10 e-commerce platforms, the number comes to 1 million yuan. Besides, the top 10 suppliers who have annual sales of more than 5 million yuan on "Shenyang specialty", will reap a harvest of 100,000 yuan each year. No accumulating all three subsidies above. 

According to platform input, service function and promotion effect, enterprises cooperating with government on public service platforms, establishing online channels to make promotion of "Shenyang specialty" enjoy no more than 1 million yuan at a time.

We encourage coordinated development of different consumption patterns integrating tourism, culture, catering, accommodation, trade and business. Great efforts will be made to forge a path through various fields and optimize the interest connecting mechanism, so as to create a complete industry chain stimulating the common growth of service and physical consumption.

Deepen the benefits of tourism

We will continue to promote tourism projects that benefit people, through reducing consumption and increasing compensation. By issuing "Jing - Liao travel cards" and  “Jing - Liao tourism annual tickets " free of charge to residents of Shenyang and partner cities of the regional tourism integration, we can realize the real-name registration of the reception and use of tourism consumption subsidy. These steps enable our citizens and tourists to voluntarily choose commodities, use subsidies, pay their own price, thus actively taking part in tourism-related consumption activities such as traveling, shopping, and entertainment.

Attract more domestic and foreign visitors to Shenyang

Subsidies to attract visitors to Shenyang will be awarded to related enterprises in a bid to encourage the travel agencies and public tourism e-commerce enterprises to actively open up domestic and foreign markets.

To increase cultural consumption of urban and rural residents, an annual subsidy of 20.6 million yuan will be provided for people to take part in cultural activities, such as watching shows and movies, visiting museums and purchasing books or culture-related products in cultural and recreational places. It is expected to enrich people’s cultural life, and improve the quality of their cultural consumption.

Strive to raise funds for the sports industry

This kind of fund is used for inspiring social forces to organize international and domestic sports events with, such as youth ice and snow training projects, for citizen fitness card subsidies, etc.

The policies and measures above are applicable to enterprises or institutions with a sound financial system, independent corporate capacity and independent accounting, while its industrial and commercial registration, tax collection and management relations and statistical relations are all in Shenyang. For the special and major projects conforming to the industrial development plan of our city presenting strong cohesion, we can draw particular supporting measures aiming at a single matter or enterprise. Policies are effective from the date of issue to the end of 2020. It is still necessary to be subject to the relevant provisions of the state and province. The responsible departments should issue and publish the rules for implementation in accordance with the legal procedures and shall be responsible for the interpretation, within one week from the promulgation date of the policies. Details can be referred to when it comes to the formulation of regional policies.


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