Yangzhou breakfast map

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The breakfast in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province is something you definitely want to wake up for. 

A wide variety of delicious small treats are available in this historical city, from jiaomian to douhua, all waiting to be 'pinned' on your breakfast map! 

Jiangjiaqiao Wonton and Noodle Shop 

Yangzhou people's craziness for noodle is astounding, as they believe they are awakened every morning by their fondness of noodle, rather than the alarm clocks. 

Wonton is one of their other favorites, and the creative Yangzhou residents made a delicious combination, making wonton with noodle, or jiaomian, a popular, affordable and unique local dish. 

They even bestow the dish an auspicious meaning, which translates as "wonton with noodle, a concoction of meat and vegetables in a bowl, mixes together the happiness of daily life." 

Address: Guangling Road (near the Bank of Communications)


The jiaomian dish offered at Jiangjiaqiao Shop includes wonton stuffed with shrimp roe, the most chased-after filling of the Yangzhou people. Some also recommend noodle served with soy sauce and sliced pig kidney. [Photo from Yangzhou Tourism Bureau] 

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