2018 Yangzhou municipal government work report (part 7)

Updated: Apr 26, 2018 Print

To achieve the main targets of 2018, the government will focus on the following six areas of work: 

1. We will focus on the structural reforms on the supply side, continue to strengthen the real economy, and turn our economic development from a steady and healthy pattern to that of a high quality pattern. 

2. We will promote the high quality development of Yangzhou, speed up the pace of rural revitalization, and gear up to promote coordinated and high quality development in urban and rural areas. 

3. We will adhere to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, promote green development patterns and lifestyles, and bolster the construction of ecological civilization with high quality. 

4. We will further strengthen our cultural confidence, promote excellent traditional cultures and characteristic local cultures, and boost our cultural development in a more quality-centered way. 

5. We will carry out various measures to enrich our people and their welfare, earnestly enhance our people's sense of well-being and safety, and turn to high-quality in ensuring and improving our people's livelihood. 

6. We will strive hard to make the city a better place for start-up businesses, work hand-in-hand to build a pragmatic, efficient, legal and transparent government, and endeavor to improve the ability and efficiency in dealing with various government affairs. 

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