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Luhe High School was founded in 1867. Originally, it was a mission school of Christianity founded by the Congregational Church of America, by 1889, it had developed into an advanced academy that included primary school, middle school, high school, college and a seminary - North China College. In 1917, the college department of the academy was moved to the west of Beijing and became the famous Yan Jing University while the middle school and high school department still remained in the original site and were formally named Lu He High School, which had become a very famous high school in the north of China by the 1920s and 1930s.

The history of Luhe High School dates back to the Tongzhou Boys’ Boarding School set up by clergyman John David in 1867. By 1889, it had expanded and upgraded into a comprehensive school, which was formally named North China College, and included primary and secondary schools, a college and a divinity college. During this period, Principal Sheffield had been working here for more than 40 years. In 1918, Luhe High School, the first high school in China, was set up after merging and rebuilding. With the completion of Williams Hall, Sheffield Hall, Warner Hall and rows of Gothic buildings, Luhe began to resemble the school as it stands today. The students at Luhe spend three years here by the tranquil Union Lake.

Luhe High School began to bring in modern science subjects, which created chances for communication between Chinese and western education. This was totally different from the common private schools, which advocated book-based learning only. This type of education brought about new ideas on the Luhe campus. The Tongzhou branch of the Alliance Society, one of the democratic organizations, was right here in Luhe. The first commissioner of the new China, Ma Wenzhao, and many of those who were closely involved in China’s modern history, like Fei Qiru, Kong Xiangxi, were all from here.

Luhe High School has received a great deal of support from the government in its development since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In 1978, it was ratified by the government as a key high school in Beijing and got special patronages from the government in school construction, recruitment and teachers’ assignment. During the pass five decades, Lu He High School has made distinguished progress in its educational undertakings. In 2000, Lu He High School was formally certified as one of the few model high school at the state level by the Educational Committee of Beijing.In December of 2000, Luhe High School was officially certified as one of the six Beijing model high schools, it is also a member school of Beijing UNESCO Club.

Luhe High School occupies an area of about 220,000 square meters; it has regulation athletic grounds for track and field, tennis, basketball, and volleyball together with many other sports equipment for students’ activities and entertainment. Students’ dormitories are capalbel of accommodation 2000 people and there are more than 240 apartments for teachers. The beautiful scenery of the campus and outstanding facilities for sports and everyday life make it the best of China’s key schools.

Luhe High School is a state-founded high school and will become the biggest boarding high school in Beijing. At present, Luhe High School is one of the few high schools that are ratified by Beijing government to recruit foreign students. We have established channels to facilitate international educational communication, administration of overseas students, and contacts with relevant educational organizations.

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