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No. 2 High School of East China Normal University

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The International Division of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University (HSEFZ) provides a complete middle school education for the students from various countries represented by Korea, Japan, USA, Canada and etc. Our division is within No. 2 High School of East China Normal University, ensuring an excellent language environment for international students.

Our students learn Chinese language not only through immersion in Chinese school culture but also learn Chinese through a close relationship with the Chinese students. Additionally, since No.2 High School of East China Normal University is one of the best high schools in China, which "is famous for its excellent quality students and is renown in China for a high quality education", international students are also provided with a comprehensive middle school education.

In addition to a guaranteed education, the school offers a cutting-edge facility. The present campus was established in 2002. The recreational facilities include a standard football pitch, tennis courts, basketball courts, an indoor swimming pool plus a gymnasium for indoor sports and activities. The science labs include electronics, physics, chemistry plus many computer rooms and labs for research.

In partnership with parents, the International Division aims to inspire students with a passion for learning, which cultivates open-minded, a real international elite by providing a challenging core course directed by a group of innovative, energetic and well-trained teachers.

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