Wild Grape Wine

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Wild Grape Wine is made by the Du'an Miluotuo Wild Grape Wine Co and has a nearly 40-year history, going back to the original Wild Amur Grape Winery of Du'an Yao autonomous county, with newer technology added in 2003, from the Kaini Grape Wine Engineering Co, of Yantai. The filtration and refrigeration equipment are from Italy and the oak for the barrels is from the US. The company asked Sun Fangxun, a prominent wine expert, to act as technical consultant, and set up a "Wine Institute Base in southern China in cooperation with the Guangxi Agricultural Sciences Academy.

The wine is made from downy grapes that are unique to Du'an's mountainous area, using traditional Yao methods integrated with modern technology, with low-temperature fermentation and aging that produce a ruby red, elegant, distinct flavor that is mellow and refreshing. Du'an's wild Amur grape wine got Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Administration approval as a distinct geographical product on Dec 10, 2013.


Du'an people harvest wild grapes. [Photo/zgduan.gov.cn]

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