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Escape the summer heat at Qingdao Beijiushui Scenic Area

Updated: Mar 23, 2018 Print

With spectacular natural waterfalls, verdant hills and summer temperatures hovering around 25 C, the Beijiushui Scenic Area in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao is an ideal place for people looking to escape the scorching summer heat.


Refreshing landscape at the Beijiushui Scenic Area. [Photo by Wang Hua/]

Hailed as "Nature's Gallery of the Nine Waters", the Beijiushui Scenic Area is located in the upstream of Baisha River amid the verdant hills of Laoshan Mountain. Due to the river running through the hills bending nine times, people have long called it Beijiushui (Northern Nine Waters).

The scenic area consists of Neijiushui (Inner Nine Waters), Waijiushui (Outer Nine Waters, also known as Beijiushui) and Nanjiushui (Southern Nine Waters). Among them, Beijiushui is the most renowned.

At Beijiushui, the river current is swift; further on, it flows more slowly, emphasizing the elegance of water.

Eighteen ponds have been constructed along the water's path, such as Deyu (Catching Fish) Pond and Deyi (Delight) Pond. The names evoke poetic imagery, which unite the beauty of landscapes and Taoism's reverence for nature.

Besides, Chaoyin Waterfall is Beijiushui's most popular attraction. During the rainy season, the water crashes against the rocks on the mountainside making powerful sounds similar to waves crashing on the seashore.


The rising sun casts a glow over the stream-filled valleys at the Beijiushui Scenic Area. [Photo by Wang Hua/]  


Visitors are excited to see more than ten waterfalls rushing down Beijiushui Scenic Area. [Photo by Wang Hua/]

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