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Kid Castle at Yangzhou

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There are three Kid Castle kindergartens in Yangzhou, the Xiaosanyuanxiang Campus, Aodu Campus and Qujiangbeilu Campus. 

The Kid Castle campuses boast beautiful environment and modern teaching and living facilities. The early childhood school is also famous for small-sized classes, professional Chinese and foreign teachers, integrated Chinese and English courses, thoughtful teaching and security supplies, as well as various Chinese and Western cultural immersion activities. 

The campuses not only have a group of young, united, dedicated, and pioneering leaders, but also employ a team of diligent, professional, and innovative faculty members. 

As a demonstration experimental kindergarten in Jiangsu province and an experimental base for educational research in Yangzhou, the kindergarten has always adhered to develop in a "research and education" way while focusing on combining childcare with education.

Xiaosanyuanxiang Campus

Address: No 8 Xiaosanyuan Alley, Guangling district, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8789-3680 

Aodu Campus 

Address: Building 19 of Aodu Huacheng, No 100 Central Runyang Road, Hanjiang district, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8789-7971 

Qujiangbeilu Campus 

Address: No 12 North Qujiang Road, Guangling district, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8720-7788

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