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The 3rd Yangzhou Governmental Organ Kindergarten

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The 3rd Yangzhou Governmental Organ Kindergarten was established in 1994. It was founded by the Yangzhou municipal government and is affiliated to the Yangzhou municipal bureau of government offices administration. The kindergarten's three branches, the Four Seasons Campus, Lyuyang Campus and Living Mall Campus, have a student population of nearly 1,000. 

The kindergarten has been given many honorable titles, such as Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Kindergarten, Jiangsu Provincial Green Kindergarten, Jiangsu Provincial English Education Base, and a China's Top 100 Innovative School. It is famous for its fast development, high teaching quality, and good public reputation in Yangzhou. 

Four Seasons Campus

Address: West Sijiyuan Street, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8788-2603


Lyuyang Campus

Address: Lyuyang Residential Area, West Zhongxin Road, Xincheng district, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8798-8180


Living Mall Campus

Address: South of Yijing Garden, Living Mall, Yangzhou

Tel: +86-514-8778-3900


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