Registration for marriage in Shenyang

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Registration for marriage and divorce should be handled at the marriage registration office at one party's registered permanent residence.

Revocation of marriage registration should be handled at the same marriage registration office that handled the marriage registration.

Marriages registrations between citizens within the municipality jurisdiction and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese or foreigners should be handled at the Shenyang municipal civil affairs bureau.


I. Procedures

1. The parties who apply for marriage, divorce registration, replacement of marriage certificate or marriage registration records must both be present (at least one party should be present when applying for replacement of divorce certificate or marriage registration record). Marriage registration organization follows the procedure of preliminary examination — acceptance — review — registration (issue the certificate). The organizations should censor the relevant documents and certificates, and then issue marriage certificate, divorce certificate or marriage registration certificate to those who are qualified and have complete formalities.

2. Procedure for annulment: preliminary examination — acceptance — review — approval — public announcement.

II. Time Limit of services: Those applications in line with the qualifications can be handled on the spot.

Shenyang Civil Affairs Bureau Community Affairs Division

Shenyang Civil Affairs Bureau Supervisory Tel Heping District Marriage Registration Office

Shenhe District Marriage Registration Office

Dadong District Marriage Registration Office

Huanggu District Marriage Registration Office

Tiexie District Marriage Registration Office

Hunnan District Marriage Registration Office

Sujiatun District Marriage Registration Office

Yuhong District Marriage Registration Office

Shenbei New District Marriage Registration Office

Liaozhong District Marriage Registration Office

Xinmin City Marriage Registration Office

Kangping County Marriage Registration Office

Faku County Marriage Registration Office


III. Certificates and Documents

1. His/her household registration , ID card; his/her divorce certificate (original copy);

2. Signed declaration of no spouse and no lineal relatives by blood, nor collateral relatives by blood within three generations of kinship (signed in person in front of register).


1.Marriage Registration Office has jurisdiction(Marriage Registration Office of Civil Affairs Bureau stationed at the locality where the residence registered); 

2.both parties intending to get married must be present in person for applying; 

3. the male party must be over 22 years old and the female party over 20 years old; 

4. both parties have no spouse(unmarried, divorced, or widowed); 

5. both parties have no lineal relatives by blood, nor collateral relatives by blood within three generations of kinship; 

6. both parties intend to get married based on free will; 

7. parties shall submit three recent bust bareheaded coupled photos with the format of 4*6cm (photograph taking service provided by the marriage registration office with charges);

8. both parties shall bring the household registration and ID cards of their own.


IV. Charging standard

Instant photograph taking and printing: 20 yuan

Legal documents writing: 10 yuan 

Copy: 0.5 yuan /piece of paper

(service items for your own choice)


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