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Best cycle routes in Shenzhen

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While people in northern China are either braving the cold weather or struggling with the smog, folks in Shenzhen are much luckier with genial sunlight and warm breezes kissing their faces. There's no better time to enjoy the great outdoors, and what's the best way to get around while enjoying the pristine environment? Cycling! So gear up and let the steep climbs and fast descents keep you company.

Shenzhen Banyin Greenway



Cyclists enjoy a ride in the city.

Built along the fire forest belt on the ridge of the Yinhu River, Banyin Greenway is probably the best greenway inside the Shenzhen Pass. The scenic trail along the Yinhu River, built in accordance with the landforms of the mountain, is a real challenge with steep slopes. But the track is concrete so it's very suitable for cycling. Though full of ups and downs, the 20-kilometer journey is not too intense. Most experienced riders can complete the whole route within three hours.

The trail, which takes you through the little "Great Wall" and Tianchi pond, is very suitable for beginners to practice climbing to help build up their stamina. Those without professional cross-country experience and outfits are not advised to take risks on the trail. With multiple climbs and sudden turns, both beginners and veterans should ride cautiously and use the brakes when going downhill to avoid accidents.

Make sure to grab your supplies before you hit the trail. The first climb after the entrance of the Yinhu River is more than 600 meters, so you are advised to walk your bike. Be careful while on different roads. The sandy and rocky roads are very slippery. There are little rocks protruding from the ground and the loose sand on some of the roads makes it easy to slip.

Add: Yinhu, Luohu District

Maluan Mountain Loop



Situated in the mountainous area of eastern Shenzhen, Maluan Mountain boasts the largest waterfall in Shenzhen and the temperature on the mountain is usually three degrees Celsius lower than the downtown area during the summer. Thanks to the luxuriant vegetation lining the valley, the air is much fresher making it an ideal place for you to escape from the fast-paced city life.

If you are a serious biker looking for a more thrilling and challenging experience you can participate in the various downhill mountain biking contests which are often held on the mountain.

Add: Maluan Mountain, Longgang District

Tanglang Mountain



With elevation changes up to 310 meters and a 7-percent grade, Tanglang Mountain has long been hailed by biking lovers in Shenzhen as a sacred land of climbing. The total length of the mountain road is 4.4 kilometers and the roads are wide and flat. Starting in Taoyuan Village and Ending in Qiaoxiang Village, the whole journey is around 10 kilometers, thus very suitable for beginners. If you get to the mountain top you can overlook Futian District and even Hong Kong if the air is clear enough.

However, after the Shenzhen Summer Universiade in 2011, the number of bikers cycling on Tanglang Mountain has been limited and bikers are only allowed to ride twice a week at night, before 10 p.m. Tuesday and 10:30 p.m. Friday. Bikers need to register and get a permit before they are allowed to bike Tanglang Mountain.

Add: Tanglang Mountain, Nanshan District

Pinghu Ecological Park



Surrounded by Gankeng Reservoir, Pinghu Ecological Park is popular among many skilled bikers because it preserves a number of cross-country roads including woodland paths, gravel roads, sloped roads and concrete roads with low steps that are paved on the back of the fire forest belt.

If you enjoy the feeling of riding through fields, check out Zhangkengjing Greenway which is connected with the southern part of Pinghu Ecological Park by Baicaotang Sewage Treatment Station.

Add: Pinghu Ecological Park, Longgang District


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