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Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Fair


The Zhanjiang Exhibition Hall at  Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Fair [Photo/]

The Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Fair is the first international fair of its kind to be held in the city. The event is part of the city's efforts to develop into an important pivot city along the Belt and Road and improve its role in economic and trade cooperation between Guangdong, or even China, and ASEAN.

The 2019 Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Fair will be held at Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center from May 30 to June 2. Under the theme of China-ASEAN cooperation and sharing of agricultural development, this year’s expo will deepen the exchanges and cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries and the countries along the Belt and Road in the cultivation, breeding, processing, circulation and other technologies, services, markets and talents to achieve complementary advantages and cooperation.

The 2019 Zhanjiang-ASEAN Agriculture Fair is divided into the main exhibition hall and sub-exhibition areas. The main exhibition hall is located in the Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center, with the Belt and Road exhibition area, the ASEAN exhibition area, the national exhibition area, the Guangdong exhibition area, the farmer's exhibition area, the smart agriculture exhibition area, the precision poverty alleviation exhibition area, the country food exhibition area, etc. The main exhibition hall will exhibit and sell high-quality agricultural products of BRI countries, national high-quality agricultural products, showing the development of agricultural informatization and agricultural precision poverty alleviation, rural revitalization and other achievements.

The several sub-exhibition areas in the city will focus on leisure agriculture, eco-tourism and agricultural mechanization equipment.

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