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Double Dragon Bay

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This tourist destination was built in 2008, in Lushi county, which has many rivers, but little population in a large area, in the eastern part of the Qinling Mountains. It's now a major sightseeing area, built to national AAAAA standards. It contains six recreational areas:

Fufei Gorge, which is said to be the site of a romantic story involving Fufei, the daughter of the legendary ancestor of the Chinese, Fuxi, and Houyi, the legendary master of archery and is believed to resemble a curving green belt that connects the heads of two dragons. In any case, the scenery on its banks is beautiful, set amidst the mountains and lakes.

Peach Bottom, at the base of the gorge, where you can see the light flashing on the water, and a rainbow up high in the sky, with streams, waterfalls and pools along the way.

Water-eroded Cave, where you can see magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, which appear colorful and even magical under the lamplight.

Crab Ditch, where you can watch groups of crabs playing with each other and waterfalls dashing down.

Cultural relics related to Li Zicheng (1606-1645), the leader of a peasant uprising leader at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and his wife, Gao Guiying, where you can see the Li Zicheng Temple, village wall, and parade ground.

Water Bank, with its fine sand and refreshing water, where you can enjoy some recreation with bamboo rafting, beach volleyball, or beach football, and even campfire parties in the evening, which are certainly interesting.




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