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Yangzhou is a national industrial base for green energy and semiconductor lighting. It is a pilot city for the national applied semiconductor lighting project named "city with millions lights", and also among the first batch of China's new energy model cities. 

The solar photovoltaic industry in Yangzhou has formed a relatively complete industrial chain covering poly-crystalline silicon, mono-crystalline silicon, silicon chip, solar cells modules, and photovoltaic application.

The semiconductor lighting industry has also formed a relatively complete industrial chain, from substrate materials, epitaxial wafers, and chips to the final packaging and application. 

In the future, Yangzhou will attach importance to the restructuring of enterprises, co-construction of industrial parks, application of photovoltaic power stations, distributed energy development and utilization, and seek cooperation in LED product development and system integration. 

We can provide: 

R&D support- Presently there are more than 10 research institutes in Yangzhou, such as the Nanjing University sponsored Yangzhou Photovoltaic Research Institution, Yangzhou Research Institution of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Yangzhou Opto-Electrical Products Testing Institute. 

Public service support- Yangzhou has established an integrated public service system, offering 8 kinds of basic services, such as the information service, standard inspection, and facility sharing. 

Yangzhou Opto-Electrical Products Testing Institute is the nation's first and the world's fifth photovoltaic IEC CB testing laboratory. It was also approved by China's National Energy Administration as a "National Energy Technology and Equipment Assessment Center". 

Market support- Yangzhou will actively promote the application of LED lighting products, such as using them for urban lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, residential area lighting, and scenic area lighting. 

The total LED lamps and lanterns in Yangzhou have reached over 30,000. In 2016, the city's installed capacity for photovoltaic power generation exceeded 600 megawatts, and that for wind power was over 260 mw.

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