Machinery industry in Yangzhou

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Yangzhou's machinery industry is of traditional strength and specialized advantages. It is a basic industry with developing priority as well. 

By the end of 2016, Yangzhou had more than 1,000 machinery enterprises above national designated scale. The total industry scale reached over 300 billion yuan ($45.2 billion), taking the first place spot among all industries in Yangzhou. 

The city now has 5 specialized industrial bases supported by the national Torch Program, covering areas of sheet metal processing, building material machinery, sulfur resource utilization, smart grid, and special cable. 

Three provincial-level demonstration bases for new industrialization are also settled in Yangzhou, introducing machinery manufacturing, CNC forming machine tools, and power transmission and transformation equipment.

Moreover, there are 4 provincial-level demonstration and characteristic bases for high-end equipment, which cover areas of CNC machine tools, precision hydraulic machinery, sulfur resource utilization equipment, and energy storage equipment. 

Among China's top 5 sheet metal fabrication enterprises, three of them are located in Yangzhou. While one in two grain feeding machines, one in three forging machines, and one in four chemical sulfuric acid equipment have been produced in Yangzhou. 

Next, Yangzhou will be oriented by "intelligent, high-end and scaled", accelerating its development in high-end equipment manufacturing and continuously enhancing its strength in emerging industries of industrial robots, high-tech ships and marine equipment, smart grid equipment, the new generation of IT equipment, and military equipment.

We can provide: 

Industrial chain support- We have established a characteristic industrial cluster in CNC sheet metal processing, grain machinery, energy saving and environmental protection machinery, building materials engineering machinery, and precision hydraulic machinery. 

Industrial support- Yangzhou now has 5 national-level specialized industrial bases and a number of provincial-level demonstration and characteristic parks. 

R&D support- We have established a batch of innovative R&D platforms, such as the Yangzhou-based Applied Technology Research and Industrialization Center, which is affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Science, the Tsinghua University supported Yangzhou Intelligent Equipment Research Institute, AVIC Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment Research Institute, Yangzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute, Jiangsu (Yangzhou) CNC Machine Tool Research Institute, and the public technology service platform for Jiangsu CNC sheet metal processing equipment enterprises. 

In addition, we have established long-term cooperation with famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its affiliated Shenyang Institute of Automation.

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