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As you travel through East China, you may come across many ancient towns and sites. Wuzhen is located in the northern part of Zhejiang province, western part of the Beijing-Hangzhou Great Grand Canal. With distinctive features and a history of over 6000 years, it is listed as an AAAAA (In China, a rating system that applies a range of A to AAAAA is used to evaluate the quality and popularity of scenic areas, with AAAAA indicating the best) scenic area in 2010.

Wuzhen is located close to downtown Jiaxing, about 45 kilometers away from Huzhou, 60 kilometers away from Wujiang district, 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou and Suzhou and 140 kilometers away from Shanghai.



The subtropical climate contributes to the incidence of varied seasonal sceneries in the town, with warm and humid weather prevailing most of the time. Crisscrossed by multiple rivers, Wuzhen's ambiance is strongly influenced by water.

Wuzhen has always been a fertile and prosperous area with an abundance of rice, fish and silk. The township area of Wuzhen is 71.19 sq km, and the urban area is 2.5 sq km. According to archaeological findings, humans have inhabited the area since about 7,000 years ago, which coincides with the Majiabang culture period in the Neolithic Age.

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