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Yandang Mountain

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Frosted trees rest atop snowy Yandang Moutain. [Photo/Zhejiang Tourism WeChat]

Located in Yueqing County of Wenzhou, Yandang Mountain is famous in China for its marvelous landscapes. Listed on the first batch of national 5A scenic spots in 2007, it is one of the China's top ten must-see scenic spot. There is a lake at the top of Yandang Mountain, which is a haven for wild geese, that's why it named "Yandang".

The Yandang Mountain is unique and splendid– the peaks, waterfalls and caves, set it apart as the most important mountain in Southeast China. In 2005, Yandang Mountain was honored as a global geo-park by UNESCO.


Yandang Mountain is a breathtaking area with high peaks, bold rock formations, roaring waterfalls and rocky cliffs. [Photo/Guangzhou daily]

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