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Bangchui Island Sea Beach

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Bangchui Island is located at the far east end of Beach Road and it consists of three different parts: hotel buildings, sea beaches and Bangchui Island, of which 50 hectares are covered by land. Bangchui Island consists of an offshore area of 0.3 square kilometers, named for its shape of a wooden club. The main peak on the island is 53.1 meters above sea level. On the top of it, you have a panoramic view of the urban landscape and waterfront scenery. The Island is dotted with different-styled villas, like flowers scattered in the lush grass. This is the famous Bangchui Island Hotel - the very place the state leaders once favored for their summer vacations. The eastern part of Bangchui Island is the beach, it is 500 meters long with soft white sand and clear water. It is known as one of the best beaches in Dalian. The coastal waters around the beach has sea treasures like crabs, conchs and sea cocumbers. 

The south end of Bangchui Island is about 750 meters long, 25 meters wide, consisting of a slope that consists of 10 percent of the island. Sand is evenly distributed, hills are undulating and wooded, cliffs are steep and rugged; the entire place is both quiet and picturesque. 

Ticket price: 20 yuan ($3.03)

Tel: +86-411-82893888

Address: Bangchui Island Sea Beach, No 1 Yingbin Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian

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