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Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park

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Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park, located in Golden Pebble Beach, is opened on July 16, 2006, with a total area of 470,000 square meters. It consists of 7 different parts: Discovery Plaza, Legendary Castle, Magic Forest, Metal Factory, Mysterious Desert, Crazy Little Town and the Main Street of America. The theme park includes a collection of 23 of the world's top recreation facilities, including Condor from Germany, Space Shuttle from Italy, Suspended Roller Coaster from USA. Of these, the catapult-styled roller coaster Crazy Cobra is the only one in Asia (There are only 3 sets in the entire world), while the 57-meter high Space Shuttle is the highest in the nation.

From the aspect of performance shows,  the Discoveryland invested a huge amount to introduce the Hollywood film, "Rat Race" and give visitors a sense of being in the movie and allow them to experience the gunshots and escapes.

The Cuban National Music and Dance Group was the first performance group to be invited from Cuba, they brought with them their hot southern style; a stage on water, parades, and fireworks, making the Discoveryland into a very joyous place! As the only theme park in the Northeast, the most advanced in the entire nation and the only one built to international standards, the Discoveryland can proudly be called China's "Disney". 

The park is divided into six different themes, the Crazy Little Town, the Mysterious Desert, the Metal Factory, the Magic Forest, the Legendary Castle and the Wedding Hall. 

Scenic Spot level: AAAAA

Open hours: 9:30-17:00

Ideal sightseeing season: March to October

Ticket price: 210 yuan ($31.66)

Tel: +86-411-87900000

Address: No 36, Jinshi Road, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Tourist Resort



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