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Peking Opera Theater of Jilin Province

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The Peking Opera Theater of Jilin Province was founded in October 1958. Its previous directors included Mao Shilai, Wang Mingyi and Song Dezhu and its current director is Ouyang Jiaren.

The theater has its unique repertoire, such as mythical Peking opera The Flaming Mountain, which was adapted for the movie and won the first award for excellent traditional opera film in 1983; the modern play The High Oil Refinery Tower won the Wenhua Award of the Ministry of Culture; its plays for children Wailing Bird in Cold and Golden Boy won the 1st prize for composite performance and excellent prize for creative work respectively. Its traditional plays include The Jade Bracelet, Generals of the Yang Family, Fighting the Sliding Cart, The Broken Bridge, Heavenly Maiden Scattering flowers, Stealing the magic Grass, Havoc in the Dragon Palace, Presenting Pearl on Hongqiao Bridge, At the Crossroads, Coming Down the Mountain, Xiaoyao Ferry, Cutting the Yellow Robe, Xu Ce Running on the City Wall, Xiao He Catching Han xin, Hujia Village, Suppressing Zidu, Silang Visiting His Mother, Story of the White Snake, A Gathering of Heroes, Borrowing East Wind and Huarong Road. Its contemporary new plays include Golden Boy, Wailing Bird in Cold, Beautiful Fountain, Wu Song Beats the Tiger, The Girl Who Plays Guitar, Love Without Passion, False or Genuine Love, Marriage, Sword of Wu Hao, Five Colors, Modern Boss, High Oil Refinery Tower and A New Story of Farewell to the Royal Concubine. The Troupe has visited India, Japan, Israel and RO Korea. It has many talented artists. In the 1980s, the troupe presented to the public such artists as Xu Feng, Liu Xiliag, Wang Fengxia, OuYang Jiaren, Li Conghua, Liang Shuzhen, Zhou Xiulan, and Cui Yongfang. In the 1990s, its best performers include Pei Yongjie, an elderly male role player of the Qi School; Ni Maocai, an elderly male role player of the Gao School; Li Wei, a young female lead and martial female role player; Yang Minghai and Bi Xiaoyu, painted face role players; and Wang Quan, a clown role; Zhang Ziyu, an elderly male role player of the Yuyang School; Liu Junjie, an elderly female role player; Zhou Yumin, a young female lead; Dong Hongli, a young male martial role player; Guo Hongyu, a young female martial role player; Huang Suyan, a young female lead and Jiang Lidi, a young male lead.

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