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Lanzhou Opera and Dance Drama Theater

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The Lanzhou Opera and Dance Drama Theater, founded in April 1970, was originally the Lanzhou Song and Dance Troupe.

The main theatrical pieces put on the stage by the Theater include the large-scale dance dramas The White-haired Girl, The Red Detachment of Women, The Small Dodgers Society, Fish Maid of the Sea, Swan Lake, the large-scale historical dance drama Lan Huahua, the large dance poetry Out of the West of Yangguan. Some 200 small-scale dance dramas and small dances were put on the stage. The subordinated symphony orchestra of the theater played more than 100pieces of famous music both from China and abroad including Beethoven's Symphonic No. 5, Dvorak's From the New World and The Tragic Love Between Liang and Zhu. Among them, Lan Huahua was performed on the First Chinese Silk Road Festival and won 1992 Dunhuang Theatrical Award, Out of the West of Yangguan Pass won Wenhua New Theatrical Pieces Award issued by the Ministry of Culture and Gansu Duanhuang Theatrical Award.

The Theater has successively visited Russia, Italy as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Famous artists of the Theater are: Su Xiaoling, the first grade actor and the present leader of the Theater; Zhang Xiaoping, the second grade composer, the composer and director of Lan Huahua; well-known performers Zhou Lin, Liu Heping, Song Naijuan, Ha Jiying, Zhang Jie, Huo Yongheng, Ren Yanyan and Li Jianguo won the personal prize from the Ministry of Culture for the stage art design of Out of the West of Yangguan Pass.

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