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The Shanghai Opera Theater was founded in November 1956 on the basis of The Shanghai Opera and Dance Drama Theater and Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra.

For several decades, the Opera Theater has created and performed more than one hundred large-scale works and about one thousand different forms and styles of small and middle works, such as national operas: "The Flower of Strait", The Love of Oriental Cherry", "Story of the West Chamber, "Lifting Up a Cry"; philharmonic chorus: "China, Lovely Mother, July, "The Sound of Bell; musical comedy: "Please Travel Together"; national dance drama: "Flying to the Moon", "A Legend of Da Yu", The Spring and Autumn of the Kingdoms of Wu and Yue etc. Among the repertoires on the stage, there are the Chinese operas: "The White-haired Girl", "Sister Jiang", "Red Guards on the Honghu Lake", "Red Coral"; vocal musical works: "The Yellow River Cantata", "The Song of Everlasting Grievances and "The Charming Sea"; the foreign classical operas and choruses: "Madame Butterfly", "An Artist Career", "Princess Turandot", "Oneigin", "Romeo and Juliet", "DieFleaer Maus", "Carmen, "Beethoven Symphonic No. 9", "Genesis" and "The Seasons". The main representative repertoires on the stage are: dance drama: The Dagger Society", "Phoenix Singing on the Qishan Mountain, "The Annals of the Kingdoms of Wu and Yue", "The Ban Ping Mountain", "Floating Fragrance of Lily Magnolia"; operas: "Lifting up a Cry", "The Conqueror Xiang Yu", "Princess Turandot", "The Flower of Strait", "Die Fleaer Maus etc. Moreover, the opera Theater has held various kinds of music concerts and special soirees. The Opera Theater has sent artists many times to visit nearly thirty countries and regions, spreading the splendid Chinese national culture to the world. At the same time, the Opera Theater has frequently invited famous international artists to cooperate in rehearsing, thus promoting art exchanges between China and abroad.

The Opera Theater enjoys rich resources and has created outstanding artist talents generation. Among them, there are singers: Ren Guizhen, Zhou Bizhen, Dong Ailin, Shi Honger, Hu Xiaoping, Chen Xiaoqun, Liu Jie, Huang Ying, Chen Haiyan, Wei Song,Yang XIioyong, Yue Caifu; directors: Zhang Tuo, Shu Qiao and Li Zhonglin; composers: Shang Yi, Xiao Bai, Lu Zaiyi, Zhu Liangzhen, Zhu Xiaogu; conductors: Situ Han, Cao Peng, Lin Yousheng and Cao Ding; dancers: Zhou Jie, Gu Hong, Zhang Yuzhao, Xu Shenzhong and Lu Jianping etc.


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