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Wuhan Opera and Dance Drama Theater

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The Wuhan Opera and Dance Drama Theater was set up in May 1949, and was previously known as the South China Art Ensemble. It was then renamed as South China People's Art Theater and Wuhan People's Art Theater in 1953 and 1959 respectively. In 1963, it took its current name.

For 50 years since its establishment, the Theater has produced more than 30 grand operas and ballets. Dance drama Story in the Pagoda Shadow participated in the 10thNational Day anniversary performance; opera Xiang Xiuli participated in the 20thNational Day anniversary performance; opera Morning Star was enlisted in the 30thNational Day anniversary performance, and was given the first prize for creation and performance issued by the Ministry of Culture. Melody of the Chu Region, a music poem with song and dance produced in the 1990s, was the winner of Wenhua Award for new program.

In years of art practice, the Theater successfully fostered a large number of talented artists including directors Cui Wei; playwrights Luo Wen, Cheng Yun, Wang Weimin; composers Sha Lai, Li Jiangran, Feng Zhonghua, Hu Ke, Xiao Shangyi, Zhou Ye; famous operatic artists Xie Fang, Wu Yanze, Wu Xinghua; famous dancers Liu Feng, Xiao Yuzhen, Zhao Lan; famous instrument players Kong Jianhua and etc., who have great influence in China. The Theater has also visited many countries all over the world and displayed the Chinese national art.

Now major artists of the Theater include Chen Jun, Xu Qiwu, Zhao Gang, Wang Danping, Tang Deping, Lin Fang and Fu Jiangning.

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