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Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Shanxi Province

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The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Shanxi Province was founded in 1945 on the basis of the former Shanxi Song and Dance Ensemble.

Over the past 40 years, the Theater has produced many programs with unique local features, such as, song and dance drama "Dumb Girl Fountain", opera "Flames of Hope", symphonies "Shepherd Wuge" and "Hukou Waterfall and folk music "Golden Sand Beach". In 1987, its grand folk song and dance performance "Descendants of the Yellow River" won the Wenhua Award for new repertoire, issued by the Ministry of Culture. From 1990 to1995, the folk dance series "Land Spots of the Yellow River Valley won the grand prize at the 1990 Shanghai International Art Festival and the dance drama "The Ever-flowing Yellow River" won 1997 Wenhua Award for new repertoire; hence the completion of its Yellow River Trilogy. The Theater has toured Japan, France, Singapore, Indonesia, USA and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

The Theater has many creative performing talents with over 50 first grade artists. Zhao Yue, a first grade scriptwriter, is known for his representative work "Descendants of the Yellow River"; Wang Xiufang, a first grade director, is known for directing the same play. Wang Gaolin, a first grade musician, is known for playing "Three Faces with suona, the Chinese cornet. Niu Baolin, Shan Jun and Song Shenping, first grade actors, are praised for their performance in the Yellow River Trilogy. Hao Zonggang is a first grade conductor whose representative work is the opera "Fire of Hope". Yue Lijuan, a first grade actress, performed in "Land spots of the yellow River vaIley. Yang Jianzhong, a first grade conductor, is known for his conducting of the symphony "March to Splendor" Tang Jungui, a first grade director, is famous for his representative work "Land Spots of the Yellow River Valley.

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