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Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hebei Province

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The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hebei Province was founded in 1960.

The Theater has staged popular folk dances Running Donkey, Flying Kites, and Picking Cotton. In recent years, it has staged music dance Sad Story in the Li Palace, opera Heart of the Women, dance drama Portraits of Four Beauties, song and dance evening party The Great Plain, Wuqiao, China, My Hometown, The Party, the Army, and the People, symphonic suite Ode to the Great Wall, New Year Party Celebrating the Return of Hong Kong in 1997, Huge Dragon Crossing the Centuries, large-scale choral concert Walking into the Spring Season. The grand folk dance drama The Yellow Emperor won 1996 Wenhua New Drama and other five single awards in screenplay, composition, choreography, lighting, performance and another award in the National Dance Drama Gala Performance in 1997. The artists have won more than 100 awards with their excellent performances. The theater's troupes have toured such countries as the Democratic People's republic of Korea, Japan, the United States, and Singapore with great success.

The theater's artists include Du Bin (first rate composer, The Yellow emperor), Zheng Xianlan (first rate composer, symphonic suite Ode to the Great wall), Wang Jiapeng (first rate screenplay writer and director, The Yelloe Emperor), Li Jiawang (first rate choreographer, dance drama The Yellow Emperor), Yu Lina (second rate actress, Goddess of Songs), Li Chuan (second rate playwright, the song Our Hope Primary School), Wan Di (second rate playwright, the song The Mountaineers).

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