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The Shandong Opera and Dance Drama Theater was previously known as the Shandong Song and Dance Ensemble.

In many years of practice, the Theater has put on stage a large number of operas, dances and music performances with rich native flavors. Grand opera "Xu Fu" was winner of the Wenhua Awards for New Play, Music and Performance issued by the Ministry of Culture. The Theater is particularly outstanding in the aspect of national dance and music. "Three Major Schools of Yangge Dance", "Making Shoes for the Army", "Drum and Wind Music of Shandong," "Song of the Tai Mountain", "Shandong Yangge Dance Gathering", "Music and Dance pf Confucius' Family", flute solo "Desire", Erhu Solo "Longing for the Green" and other performances have won high reputation in China with its distinctive national flavor and characteristics. Outstanding artists of the Theater have toured more than 30 countries and regions all over the world for its performance. They won high appreciation from audiences for wonderful national art and excellent performing skills.

Now the Theater has a group of talented young artists who have been awarded in national and international competitions. Singer Lei Yan is winner of a 3rdprize at the 34thFrance Toulouse International Vocal Music Competition, Plum Blossom Award for traditional operas, Wenhua Award for Performance, Gold Prize of the Nie Er and Xian Xinghai National Vocal Music Competition. Wu Kai was awarded the 3rdprize of the 1stNational Vocal Music Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. Yu Lianhua won a 2ndPrize of Folk Singer Group at the Nationa Grand Competition for Young Singers sponsored by China Central TV and Wenhua Award for Performance. Liu Jinhua won a Gold Prize and Best Singing Award at the National Broadcasting Vocal Music Competition. Dong Zhiyuan, Yu Xinhua, Ge Yuhuan and Hou Qinghua were all prizewinners in international instrumental music solo competitions. The Erhu Solo Tune Longing for the Green, produced by Qu Xiang, was a Wenhua Award winner for New Program. A number of songs composed by Zhang Xiwu and Yao Jigang have won gold prizes in national competitions Many other art works of the Theater are outstanding in competitions at the provincial level.

Address: No. 123, Wenhua West Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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