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Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hubei Province

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The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Hubei Province was founded in May 1998, a combination of the former Hubei Provincial Song and Dance Troupe (founded in 1964) and the former Hubei Opera Troupe (founded in 1952).

The Theater has created many theatrical pieces and has widespread influence both at home and abroad; e.g. the representative work, large-scale national opera Red Guards in the Honghu Lake was honored as the Chinese classical opera in the 20thcentury. A large classical music and dance Bian Zhong Music and Dance is regarded as a state repertoire and is praised as the epic of music and dance; a large-scale national dance drama Compose a Poem of Lotus and song The Love of Boat Tracker etc. won various kinds of award. The Theater has made guest performances in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Romania, Malaysia, Spain, France, Switzerland, the DPR Korea as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong regions. It has been praised by the audiences wherever it went. The Theater has been cited by the Ministry of Culture and the Hubei provincial government, conferred the title of good theater spreading national culture far and wide.

The Theater has leading artists like Wang Xiufeng, Liu Jiayi, Li Zhuhua, You Lizhi and Gong Guofu.

Address:  No. 80, Wuchang Road, Shibei Road, Wuhan, Hubei province

Post code:  430072

Tel:  (027) 87885435

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