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Peking Opera Theater of Hebei Province

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The origin of Peking Opera Theater of Hebei Province was Jizhong Experimental Theater founded in 1945, and changed into the present name in 1994. The Opera House is divided into Pei Yanling Opera Troupe and Youth Peking Opera Troupe.

The Opera Theater has inherited, created and rehearsed a large number of excellent traditional and modern theatrical pieces, e. g. Three Attacks on Zhu Jia Zhuang, Forced up to Liangshan Mountain, Li Zicheng, Hua Mulan, Qiu jian, The General of Yang Family, Wu Zixu, Burn Incense with Grievance, Wu Song, Zhong Kui, Cai Wenji, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the Eight Immortals Play With the White Ape, Change E Flies to the Moon, Fighting the Floods, Blood and Tears with Hatred, Rob the Dongling Tomb etc. Among them, Change E Flies to the Moon and the Eight Immortals Play With the white Ape won the excellent performance awards in 1992 National Youth New Peking Opera Theatrical Pieces Festival. In recent years, the Opera Theater has made guest performance to the United States, Canada, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Belgium, France as well as the regions of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Opera Theater has centralized a large number of outstanding artists, e.g. one of the famous Tan (a female role) Song Dezhu, performing artists Guang Shenxi, Yang Ronghuan, Pei Yanling, Lu Huilan, Liang Qinyun, Ma Youliang, Ma Zuiliang, Guo Jngchun, Lu Timing and Wang Daicheng. There are famous first grade actors at present: Pei Yangling, Lu Huilan, Liang Qingyun, Xiao Yuezhu, Zhu Yuanqun, Wang Daicheng, Zhang Yanling, etc.

Address: No. 223, Yuhua Central Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

Post code: 050011

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