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Peking Opera Troupe of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

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The Ningxia Peking Opera Troupe, set up in September 1958, was the 4th Peking Opera Troupe of China. The Troupe has presented more than 130 original works, such as Making Havoc in Dragon Palace, Qianyuan Mountain, At the Crossroads, Eliminating the Three Pests, Stealing from Treasury, The King Bidding Farewell with His Concubine, Fishing Gold Turtle, Eighteen Buddhist Arhats Fighting with the Monkey. Among them, Making Havoc in Dragon Palace got the Gold Medal at the 5th World Youth Festival. Qianyuan Mountain won the best price at the 13th Cartage International Folk Art Festival in 1985. Since the 1980's the troupe has created contemporary Peking Opera works and rewritten historical plays, such as Kong Fansen, Silver Dragon Out of Fog, Those Nineteen Tombs in the Mountain, Subduing Ma Tianwu Three Times, Distinguishing Ghost From Human being, Story of Great Xia, Hai Rui Teaching 'Tiger' a Lesson and has been well acclaimed. The Troupe has also won twenty-seven prizes at provincial level and above while more than forty players have won various prizes. In the 1950s, the Troupe toured the former Soviet Union, Romania, Czech, Poland, Korea, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia, and India. In the 1980s, the Troupe visited Algeria, Tunisia, Japan, Canada, the USA, Djibouti, Niger, Togo, and Mali. It was warmly welcomed by the international art circles and spectators.

The Troupe's leading artists are Sun Simin, Ma Shuxian, Wang Yan, Tan Shaoying, Li Xinyun and Su Jingping.

Address: No.11, East Cultural Street, Yinchuan City

Post code: 750004

Tel: (0951) 6026461


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