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Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe of China

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The Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe was established in 1956. Constantly performing and updating during a period of almost 50 years, the troupe has been able to gradually establish its unique artistic style, and develop the careers and skills of many excellent acrobats through the expertise of many experienced directors, trainers and costume and stage designers.

Since its establishment, the troupe has been continually inspired by the colorful cultures and arts of the twenty-five ethnic minorities native to Yunnan Province. Both domestic and international audiences have highly praised the energetic and elegant performances of the troupes, whichi utilize the local minority people's vibrant artistic styles.

The troupe has also successively created and staged many original acrobatic works that have imitated both at home and abroad. These include:Foot Juggling(with Blanket),Kicking Bowls on Skating Ladder,Foot Juggling(with Girl) andWater Meteorswhich were awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes respectively at the Korean April Spring Friendship Art Festival in 1998. The troupe has also won many domestic awards for programs in recent years which include:Spinning Plates,Flying from Swing Board,Foot Juggling,Double Handstand on Stacked Benches,Spring Board Stunts, etc.

The Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe has extensively toured overseas and has successfully performed its unique and original programs in Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, France, Romania, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Switzerlan and several Caribbean countries. The Troupe's foreign visits have contributed heavily to an atmosphere of greater mutual understanding between the Yunnan people and the outside world and led to valuable artistic exchange. 


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