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Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe

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The Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe was founded in 1961. For more than 40 years after its establishment, the troupe has developed its unique performing style and distinct local flavor through its rich performing experience and persistent hard work. The troupe performances include acrobatics, magic and comedy shows. The Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe is composed of several teams with a strong cast of many versatile members.

At the Third National Acrobatics Competition, all three shows by the troupe won medals. Among them, "Going Through Whirling Hoops" won the Golden Lion and Innovation prizes awarded by the Ministry of Culture and the only "Cup of Innovation" specially awarded by the China Acrobatics Association. This program is among the most popular acrobatics performances in China.

"Balancing Bowls on the Swaying Ladder" has won first place among winners of the Silver Lion Prize. It was also awarded the Golden K Prize by the Kiwanis Club of Monaco at the Fourth International Acrobatics Among Teenage Acrobats in 1991. "Plank Jumping" was also honored with the Bronze Lion Prize. At the International Acrobatics Competition Among Teenagers held in Italy in 1991, "Balancing Tricks on the Nose" was also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The troupe staged more than 60 kinds of programs in its domestic and foreign performances. The troupe has paid performing visits to more than 40 countries like the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Holland, Austria, India, Japan, Tanzania, Thailand, Korea, Dominica and Porto Rico, with a total million audience members. Such frequent exchanges not only help introduce Chinese culture to foreign countries, but also promote the understanding and friendship between people in China and all over the world.

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