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Opera Troupe of Gansu Province

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In 1993, the Opera Troupe of Gansu Province grew out of July 7 Drama House which was under the direction of the government in the Shaanxi-Guansu-Ningxia Border Region. In its long time artistic practice, the Troupe has created and performed 300 various dramas such as White-haired Girl, The Marriage of Erhei, Liu Hulan, Sister Jiang and Xiangyang Plain. Since 1980s, the Troupe has successively created and performed a dozen of opera dramas including Battle Song of Algin Mountain, On the Other Shore, The Second Wedding, Tears Across the Strair, Brother Ma Wu and Sister Gadou, Inaccessible, The Street Vendor and the Lady, At the Foot of Yinshan Mountain, Spirits and The Peony from the Moon, etc.

Its important artists at present include: Gong Qiannan (first grade conductor), Kang Zhiyong (first grade playwright), Yang Chengwei (second grade performer) and Peng Deming (second grade performe).

Address: No.225, Baiyin Road, Lanzhou, Gansu Province

Post code: 730030

Tel: (0931) 8153867


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