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Xiamen Municipal Opera and Dance Drama Troupe

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The Xiamen Municipal Opera and Dance Troupe was established in August 1961. The Troupe put Fujian and Taiwan local characteristics as the direction of its art development. It has put on stage a number of performances with rich Fujian and Taiwan features, such as dance drama White Egret, opera and dance drama Twin Double-Cup, music and dance drama South Melody Soul, operas: Lady Ah May, Small Heroic Soldier, Semi-screen Mountain, Love Song of the High Mountain, The Holy Bird, Patting Chest Dance, Hatred of a Chaste Woman, Flowery Scarf of Guangdong Girls, Happy Song of the Flowing Water and etc. Many of its shows have won prizes in national and provincial gaterings. For instance, Lady Ah May is the winner of Provincial Award for Good Performance. In January 1997, the opera was invited to Beijing and seized 1996's Wenhua Award issued by the Ministry of Culture for new performance, music, setting design, lighting design, director and acting. In the 5thGuangzhou Theatrical Festival in 1997, the opera also won the Cao Yu Award for Good Performance, Director, Setting Design, Chorus and Music. The Troupe has also visited Southeast Asian, Russia and other countries several times.

For more than 30 years, the Troupe has made use of the geographic and bloodline advantages between Xiamen and Taiwan to express the cross strait kindred sentiments with dances and songs.

Now the major artists of the Troupe are Chen Jiarui, Li Caiqin, Wu Hongcai, Chen Yan and others.

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