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Godot Theatre Company

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Godot Theatre Company was founded in 1988 by James Chi-Ming Liang and Mag Ling Yu Lin in Taiwan. With hard work over more than a dozen years, the company is now the most upscale and innovative theatre group in Taiwan, having performed 33 works and staged more than 600 performances. It now boasts more than 30 highly professionals who produce more than 80 annual performances.

The theater endeavors to cultivate new territories for the performing arts through persistent efforts in a contemporary environment. Chinese musicals have become the group's focal point in recent years.

Works like "Cyrano," "Kiss Me Nana," "The Angel Never Sleeps," and "Look Up The Golden Sun" have not only won applause from audiences, but also have been awarded "The Best Performance of the Year" by China Times four different times. The group's works have fused contemporary music with global traditional Chinese and aboriginal themes, thereby creating a unique style of its own.

In the spring of 2001, the company extended its market to the mainland. "The Angel Never Sleeps" was very well received inBeijing,HangzhouandShanghai.

To obtain the objective of becoming a professional theatre on an international level, the company also tries to make its performances a frequent activity for common citizens. Its goals have driven it to establish a consistent program of promoting training and exchanges while stepping onto the world stage with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The company always experiments creatively while retaining traditional culture. On the one hand, it has developed original performance forms out of traditional Chinese operatic theatre, while on the other it has interpreted Western classics to meet the needs of its audiences, greatly extending possibilities on stage. The company tours extensively through out Taiwan and the mainland while trying to reach a wider audience.

Its producers are enthusiastic in promoting drama, holding arts classes where enthusiasts can learn and obtain professional knowledge. It also holds seminars and lectures for a variety of institutions, including educational and commercial outlets.

Website:  www.godot.org.tw


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