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Acrobatics Troupe of Hunan Province

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The Acrobatics Troupe of Hunan Province was founded in September 1959. The Acrobatics Troupe won prizes many times in the acrobatic contests at home and abroad. The programs Two Persons Climbing the Pole, Leather Belt, Bottles and Branches won the 2nd prizes in Central South Contest in Preparation for the 2nd National Acrobatics Contest in 1986; Silkworms Spin Silk and Balancing on the Ball won gold medals, and Acrobatic on a Bamboo Pole, Hoop Diving won silver medals in 1988 First National New Seeding Cup Acrobatics Contest. Silk-spinning Silkworms, Balancing on the Ball won silver medals in 1990 Belgium Expecting Star International Acrobatics Contest; Chairs Pyramid in Two Lines won the first prize and the prize of creation, Climbing Pole, Hoop Diving and Two Persons Twirling Lanterns won the second prizes in 1995 Third Central South Acrobatic Contest in 1995; Acrobatics on a Bamboo Pole and The Plastic Arts of Acrobatic Gymnastics won the first prizes in 1995 Central South Preliminary Contest for the Second National Acrobatics Contest; at the some year, The Plastic Arts of Acrobatic Gymnastics won the golden lion award and Acrobatics on the Bamboo Pole won silver lion award at the Fourth National Acrobatics Contest; Snow Carpet Twirling won the silver lion award and the prize of creation; Acrobatics on Four Bamboo Poles won the silver award in 1998's Third National Juvenile Acrobatic Contest.

Since the 1980 s, the Acrobatic Troupe has been successively invited to more than thirty countries including the United States, Germany, Spain, Britain, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Fiji, Cameroon, Guinea and Nigeria. Through the frequent activities of the cultural exchanges, the Troupe has not only introduced Chinese traditional culture and art, but also promoted friendships with the peoples of various countries.

The Acrobatics Troupe at present has such first grade actors as Han Keting, Pi Chuie and others.

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