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​Tianjin Municipal Youth Peking Opera Troupe

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The Tianjin Municipal Youth Peking Opera Troupe was founded in August 1984. The Troupe's present repertoire include more than 100 programs. The most representative ones are Qin Xianglian, Silang Visiting His Mother, Defending the Country, Visiting the Riyal Tomb, Twice Enter Palace, ChangbanpoHanjinhou, Loss of Jieting, Ghost Town, Execution of General Ma Su, Wu Zixu, Encountering the Empress, Beating the Dragon Robe, A Set of Traps, Chen Sanliang at Bar, Chi-sang Town, Nine-dragon Grail, Friendship Between the Heroes, The Grossroads, Traps at Bamboo Woods, Hu Jia Zhuang, The City of Sizhou, Fighting the Shielding Carts, Liu Lanzhi, The Match-maker, and King Bids Farewell to His Concubine. The Peking opera troupe has also created some other programs such as Romance over Brocade, Cao Cao and His Sons and Yue Yun.

Some of these programs have been staged in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions.

The Tianjin Municipal Youth Peking Opera Troupe has 32 first or second grade performers, ten of whom respectively won the Plum Blossom Drama awards, Mei Lanfang Golden Awards, Wenhua Performing Awards, top award and excellency award of the National TV Peking Opera Performances, and the titles of China Peking Opera Star, among others. The Troupe has won the National New Drama Performing Award, Excellent Peking Opera Award during 200th anniversary of the Huizhou Theatrical Troupe's entrance to Beijing, Wenhua awards during the China Art Festival and gala performances to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthdays of master Peking opera actors Mei Lanfang and Zhou Xinfang, and the Model Performance Award during the China Art Festival.

Address: Small Asembly Hall, Tianjin Guest House, Youyilu Route, Hexi District, Tianjin

Post code: 300061

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