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Dalian Peking Opera Troupe

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Dalian Peking Opera Troupe was established in April, 1949. For the past 50 years since its establishment, the troupe has created, adapted and performed such traditional and modern operas as Gan Ning Looted the Base of Wei with 100 Riders, Battle by Fenshui River, Songgu Peak, Happy Family, Regret on Liangshan Mountain, and Princess of One-hundred Flowers. Jiujiang River Mouth and The Legend of White Snake have become art essences which are often on show.

The troupe has been to foreign countries for several times, getting honor with perfect skills and good working style. Audiences from Finland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, RO Korea and Hongkong region have appreciated the artists excellent performance. In order to commemorate the 200thartists anniversary of Hui opera going to Beijing, the UNESCO invited Dalian Peking Opera Troupe to give special performance for 160 diplomatic envoys in Paris.

There are a lot of Peking opera performing artists in the Troupe. Cao Yinbin, Zhang Tiehua, Zhou Shaolou and Wen Shihai, Yang Chi, who had the reputation of perfectly China Plum Blossom Prize. Li Ping, Chen Meiying, Zhang Dajun, Ma Zhongyue, Shi Yunlan, Fan Jingqiu, Guo Dongmei, Ping Tao, Sun Huizhu, Zhao Yongqiang, Li Bin, and Ding Yanyu won the 1stup to 7thLiaoning Province Drama Prize one after another. In 1992, after winning the provincial opera gold prize in Shenyang, Refret on Liangshan Mountain won Excellent Opera, Excellent Director and Excellent Performance Prizes in the National Youth Peking Opera Troupe (Group) New Opera Joint Performances. In May 1993,aged-female character performer Shi Yunlan won Excellent Performer Prize at the 3rdChina Drama Festival. In 1994, Yang Chi won Mei Lanfang Gold Prize at Mei Lanfang Gold Prize Competition. In 1995, Li Ping won the 12thChina Drama Plum Blossom Prize with her performance in Princess of One-hundred Flowers and The Legend of White Snake.

The famous artists in the House at present include: Yang Chi, Li Ping, Chen Meiying, Li Bin and Wu Xiaobin.

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