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The China Acrobatic Troupe was established in 1950 under former premier Zhou Enlai. It was the first acrobatics troupe at the national level after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The large-scale troupe boasts the most abundant variety of programmes and the strongest overall influence in China.

For more than 50 years after its establishment, the troupe has served as a cultural envoy. It has staged performances in more than 80 countries and regions, and contributed significantly to promoting the friendship between the Chinese people and their friends around the world.

The troupe consists of several acrobatics and circus groups that specialize in acrobatics, aerial acts, animal training as well as humor and magic. Moreover, the troupe also has an international arts school with a vast range of faculties, including acrobatics, dance, acting,Kung fuand fine art -- although its main focus is acrobatics. The school has nurtured a great number of excellent acrobatics talents.

In the 1990s, eight large-scale performances were presented, including Beijing Tiaoqiao Folk Acrobatics,The Spirit of China and Oriental Magic Arts. Among them The Spirit of Chinahas been staged more than 400 hundred times both at home and abroad since its debut performance in 1998.

The troupe excels in inheriting and developing traditional classic acrobatics programmes. Repertoires like “Climbing the pole” and “Skills on a bike” are very popular among audiences. Meanwhile, the troupe also attaches much importance to making innovations. Incorporating other art forms, like music, dance, opera and Kung fu into acrobatics, the troupe has presented some of the most well known acrobatics programs in China.

To date the troupe has won 18 golden medals at various international competitions and 14 medals in domestic ones.

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