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Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe

Updated: Aug 21, 2017 Chinaculture.org Print

The Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe, founded in September 1953, is one of the earliest acrobatic troupes in thePeople's Republic of China.

In its 50-year history, the troupe has developed a number of repertoires like "Pagoda of Bowls and Lithe Movements", "On the Drawboard", "Trick--cycling", "Plate--spinning", "Balancing a Pole on a Running Bicycle", "Pyramid of Chairs", "Juggling with Feet on a Spring Bed" and "Panda Training". These programs are presented in a magnificent, elegant and dazzling style that is full of vitality and breathtaking skills. Some of the programs have been awarded gold medals both home and abroad, and have been warmly welcomed by Chinese and foreign audiences.

Ever since the troupe's inception, it has successfully inheritedtraditional Chinese acrobatic skills and made remarkable innovations in the development of the art form. The troupe has always explored its artistic potential, constantly improving its performances and endeavoring to form a good combination of skill and art. 

As a result, artistic characteristics with their own style have been established. The spirit of surmounting and overcoming human limits have been demonstrated in these programmes, which are both vigorous and encouraging. While national tradition is well reflected in all of the programmes, modern elegance is also pursued. Audiences will find the performances pleasing to both the eyes and the mind.

The Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe of China has been traveling all over China and to nearly 80 countries around the world. With their masterful skills, they have won 20 gold, silver and bronze prizes both home and abroad.

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