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Huangyang Litchis (黄杨荔枝/Huangyang Lizhi)

The litchi trees planted on the west side of Huangyang Mountain bear large litchi fruits each year.

Urchin (海胆)

Urchins are benthonic, living at or below the sediment level of the ocean off Dong'ao Island.

Shangheng Steamed Yellow Sand Clam (上横黄沙蚬/Shangheng Huangshaxian)

Steamed Yellow Sand Clam is a traditional food in Doumen, yet another Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai.

Hengshan Arrowroot (横山粉葛/Hengshan Fenge)

Originating from Shangheng, Doumen, Hengshan Arrowroot becomes a milky soup with a light fragrance and delicate flavor when well cooked.

Baiteng Lotus Root (白藤莲藕/Baiteng Lian'ou)

Baiteng Lake has been a magnet for holidaymakers not only for its beauty, but for Baiteng Lotus Root.

Wanshan Prawn (万山对虾/Wanshan Duixia)

Stewed, steamed, deep-fried, frittered or boiled, Wanshan Prawns are precious.

Baijiao Sea Bass (白蕉海鲈/Baijiao Hailu)

​The sea bass is a nationally protected geographical indication product of Baijiao, Doumen.

Tylorrhynchus (疣吻沙蚕/Youwen Shacan)

​Growing in the Dashatian tidal land at the junction the sea and river, Stewed Rice Worm, whose scientific name is Tylorrhynchus Heterochaetus, is famous as a Guangdong cuisine.

Dachikan Open Flame Roast Pork & Spare Ribs (大赤坎叉烧&烧排骨/Dachikan Chashao&Shao Paigu)

Roast Pork & Spare Ribs is traditional food in Doumen, so much so that it has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai.

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