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Luosi soy sauce (黄螺酱)

Luosi soy sauce, produced by Zhoushan Yuda Soy Sauce Factory, was a specialty of the factory’s predecessor, Yuda Official Soy Sauce Garden.

Steamed sand eel (清蒸沙鳗)

When dining out in Zhoushan, the less ambitious the food, the better it tends to be. Steamed sand eel is a perfect example.

Seafood noodles (海鲜面)

Seafood noodles is an absolute knockout dish in Zhoushan. People can choose any ingredients they like and bath them in a delicate, salty, lemon broth.

Green pancake(青饼)

People in Zhoushan islands, east China's Zhejiang province, have the custom of making "green pancakes" in early spring. The "green pancake" is a seasonal food as well as a true "green" food.

Zhoushan yellow croaker(舟山大黄鱼)

Zhoushan island is the home to large yellow croakers. There are dozens of recipes for cooking fresh yellow croaker, such as roasting, stewing, frying and salting.

Jintang plum (金塘李)

Jintang plum acquired its name from its place of origin, Jintang Island. It has a cultivation history of more than 130 years.

Zhoushan delicacies

In the coastal cities across China, autumn is the best season for seafood when the fish, shrimp, and most importantly, the crabs are meaty and most succulent.

Delicious food in Zhoushan

Zhoushan fishery is the largest fishing ground in China. Tourists can taste fresh seafood from the fishing ground. The cooking methods are mainly steaming, pickling, salting, drying and raw eating.

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