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Huahe International Hotel

Located in the center of Zhanjiang Economic and Development Zone, Huahe International Hotel was built by Guangdong Huahe Industrial Company.

Zhanjiang Fontainebleau Hotel

Zhanjiang Fontainebleau Hotel is located in urban Zhanjiang, adjacent to the commercial center.

Dingsheng Yuntian Hotel

Dingsheng Yuntian Hotel was built by Guangdong Dingsheng Industrial Company and was decorated with the latest design.

Sheraton Zhanjiang Minda Hotel

Sheraton Zhanjiang Minda Hotel is a luxury international five-star hotel with regional and cultural characteristics invested by Guangdong Minda Investment Group. It boasts excellent location and convenient transportation.

The Sovereign(Junhao) Hotel

​Junhao Hotel is a comprehensive business hotel invested and founded by Jiayue Group and operated and managed by Hongkong Junhao International Hotel Management Co.,Ltd.

The Zhangshuwan Grand Hotel

The Zhangshuwan Grand Hotel is a five-star tourist hotel invested and managed by the Guangdong Maodegong Group.

The Silver Sea Hotel

Located in the economic development zone of Zhanjiang, it opened business in December 1992.

The Crown Holiday Hotel

The Crown Holiday Hotel in Zhanjiang is a five-star hotel managed by the well-known InterContinental Hotels Group.

The Libo Holiday Resort in Lianjiang

The Libo Holiday Resort in Zhanjiang is located in the Tangshanling Eco-Park, one of the eight tourist attractions in Lianjiang.

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