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Zhanjiang steamed vermicelli roll

The steamed vermicelli roll is white as snow and thin as paper, and carries glistening luster and delicious taste.

Muyejia (木叶夹/Muyejia)

Muyejia features a stuffed glutinous dumpling between two jackfruit or banana leaves.

Mazhang braised pork (麻章扣肉/Maizhang Kourou)

Mazhang pork has a golden luster and tempting smell.

Hechun fish head soup (河唇鱼头汤/Hechun Yutou Tang)

The soup uses bighead carp raised in a reservoir, and features a milky, sweet and palatable taste.

Mixed Cold Jellyfish (凉拌海蜇/Liangban Haizhe)

Spring and summer is a great time for jellyfish – it is rich, nutritious and delicious.

Steamed Zongzi (蒸粽子/Zheng Zongzi)

​Sticky rice is rinsed and sundried, then fried with fresh lard oil.

Steamed Naozhou abalone in clear soup (硇洲清汤鲍鱼/Naozhou Qingtang Baoyu)

Naozhou abalone is known for its fresh taste, tender meat and rich nutrition.

Zhanjiang steamed vermicelli roll (湛江蒸粉肠/Zhanjiang Zheng Fenchang)

Steamed vermicelli rolls are white as snow and thin as paper, and have a glistening luster and delicious taste.

Anpu Bojichui (安铺簸箕炊/Anpu Boji Chui)

​Bojichui is a local specialty and is placed on a bamboo container resembling a dustpan.

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