Yunnan mushroom hotpot(菌菇火锅/jūn gū huǒ guō)

Yunnan province, located in Southwest China, is blessed with the perfect climate and amount of rainfall for growing mushrooms.

Yunnan flower cake(鲜花饼/xiān huā bǐng)

As Yunnan's typical dessert, flower cake is a flaky pastry with edible Yunnan roses inside

Yunnan Xuanwei Ham (宣威火腿/xuān wēi huó tuǐ)

Also known as Cloud Ham, Xuanwei Ham is one of China's three most famous ham dishes.

Steam Pot Chicken (汽锅鸡/qì guō jī)

Steam pot chicken is chicken steamed with precious herbs in a large pot.

Crossing-the-bridge Noodles(过桥米线/guò qiáo mǐ xiàn)

Rice noodles are popular among local residents, and the nationally renowned crossing-the-bridge noodles is a must-try snack food in Kunming.

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