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Yangzhou is a well-preserved thousand-year-old city with beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural and historical resources.


Yangzhou has various convenient travel access, such as domestic and foreign airlines, railways and highways. Touring around the city with a manpower tricycle is of unique fun.


Yangzhou has many hotels and have received many tourists from China and abroad.


Yangzhou is renowned for its delicate cuisine. Time-honored dishes such as Yangzhou fried rice and crab meat with large meatballs。


Yangzhou enjoys a prosperous shopping environment, with many shopping centers, such as Living Mall, Dongguan Street and Golden Eagle International Shopping Center settling at its downtown area.

Travel Agencies

Travelers in Yangzhou are able to choose travel agencies as they need.


It's not the first city that comes up in your search results when you type in Jiangsu, but the city of Yangzhou certainly packs a punch as a tourist destination.

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