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Founded in 2004, Yangzhou Railway Station operates train lines connecting Chinese cities such as Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

​Self-driving routes

Take the Shanghai-Nanjing High-speed Road to the Yangzhou-Liyang High-speed Road, and then take that to Yangzhou.

Car rental service

Yangzhou has many car rental companies to offer you enjoyable city rides.

Shuttle buses

Scenic spots along the route: China Block Printing Museum, Yangzhou Museum, Living Mall, Slender West Lake, Daming Temple.

Bicycle sharing

Yangzhou has launched a bicycle sharing system. Tourists can apply for a "Green Yangzhou Cycling Card" with ID or other valid documentation.

Manpower tricycles

The eastern area isn't modernized, with streets quite narrow and inaccessible by buses, making the manpower tricycle the most practical means of transportation there.


Yangzhou is a communication hub with roads, highways, railroads and flights connecting various parts of China.

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