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Niche inns in Yangzhou

Four distinctive inns in Yangzhou

Yangzhou New Century Hotel

The scale of the hotel, its advanced facilities, complete functions, and a strong cultural charm contributes to its rank as a first-class hotel in Yangzhou.

Yangzhou Casa Ramada Plaza Hotel

The hotel is located in the bustling downtown area. To the hotel's west lies the ancient canal of Yangzhou.It was built to five-star standards and is a real landscape hotel adjacent to the river.

Yangzhou Xiyuan Hotel

Built on the site of the former palace of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Yangzhou's Xiyuan Hotel is located close to the beautiful Slender West Lake and the downtown area.

Konggang Hotel

The Konggang Hotel is a foreigner-oriented tourist hotel invested by the Suzhong Jiangdu Airport Investment and Construction Co.

Jade Dragonfly Boutique Hotel

Jade Dragonfly Boutique Hotel was inspired by a famous designer with changing views from different angles and flowing lights and shadows.

Grand Skylight Hotel

Situated at the heart of the ancient city of Yangzhou, the Grand Skylight Hotel is opposite to the renowned national 5A-level scenic spot Slender West Lake.

Yangzhou Shangri-La Hotel

The region around the Yangzhou Shangri-La Hotel is full of history, while the hotel has an elegant, modern decorative art design.

Yangzhou State Guesthouse

The Yangzhou State Guesthouse is close to the Siqiao Yanyu Pavilion in Slender West Lake Park on a 6.7-hectare space, and has a simple but elegant and engaging air.

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